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Richard’s Organics Pet Calm effectively treats anxiety and short-term stress. Pet Calm is used to settle nerves and reduce hyperactivity prior to travel, grooming, holidays, vet visits, thunderstorms, or introductions to new environments. All Richard’s Organics products are 100% natural-actives solutions for better health. Use prior to anxiety causing events.

  • Naturally relieves stress & anxiety
  • Reduces hyperactivity & destructive behaviors
  • Promotes healthy sleep
  • Drug-free
  • 100% natural actives


1 ml per 10 lbs. Adjust dosage as necessary. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian.


For the fast, 100% natural relief of stress, anxiety, and unwanted destructive behaviors.


Stress from veterinary appointments, loud music, thunderstorms, changes in food, travel, visitors and/or changes in the home, and other anxiety-causing circumstances.


  • Valerian Root Extract: The medicinal properties of this herb’s root are commonly used for anxiety, nervousness, excitability, depression, and poor sleep patterns. Valerian has also been known to help treat muscle and joint pain.
  • Chamomile: Helps to calm irritated skin, sores, and other irritations. Aids in healing wounds. Studies have shown it may be effective against eczema. When consumed, chamomile is also beneficial for aiding an upset stomach and promoting healthy sleep.
  • Skullcap Extract: Skullcap is a plant known for its naturally medicinal properties that aid with: anxiety, nervousness, tension, and trouble sleeping. It’s thought to help cause drowsiness and relaxation when consumed.
  • Passion Flower Extract: This medicinal plant extract is widely used for natural relief of anxiety or nervousness, sleep issues, and upset stomach due to stress disorders. It is known to help with excitability, high blood pressure, as well as seizures and ADHD.
  • Dye-Free


  • Helps settle nerves when used before stressful events such as: travel, grooming, vet visits, thunderstorms, and introductions to new people or environments.
  • Naturally reduces hyperactivity in both dogs and cats – safe for household pets.
  • With 100% natural ingredients.
  • Easy to administer – tastes great and can be fed straight from the dropper.


Shake before each use. May be used every 4-6 hours. Wash dropper with hot water after each use. Keep out of reach of children.


Active Ingredients: Valerian Extract, Chamomile Extract, Passion Flower Extract, Skull Cap Extract. Inert Ingredients: Deionized Water, Sugar, Sodium Benzoate