K9 Choice Foods - Lil Guys Wild Boar Plus Frozen Raw Dog Food

K9 Choice Foods - Lil Guys Wild Boar Plus Frozen Raw Dog Food

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Complete Cuisine Vegetable & Fruit Mix

What’s the difference between farm raised pigs and wild boar?
The main difference between the two is diet and exercise. Farm-raised pigs are given feed that consists mostly
of corn and soybeans along with grains like wheat. Supplements are sometimes added as well. Although this
feed gives them energy and keeps them growing, it doesn’t offer a wide variety of nutrients.
These animals are generally contained in areas that don’t give them a lot of room for movement and exercise.
Wild boar, on the other hand, live on a diverse diet. This can include nuts, acorns, seeds, roots, and fruit, along
with proteins like deer, quail, squirrels, and small reptiles. This gives them a much higher level of nutrition
than farm raised pigs. Additionally, since they’re feral, wild boars freely roam and run, giving them a totally
different muscle and fat composition as compared to farm-raised pigs.

1.36 Kg (3 lb) #0302
Complete Cuisine Veg & Fruit Mix. Portioned: 1” cubes (pictured)


Wild Boar Meat, Wild Boar Bone & Organ Meat, Carrots, Lettuce, Spinach, Broccoli, Green Beans, Celery, Cored Apples, Cored Pears, Strawberries, Blueberries.