Jack & Jill - Female Dog Diaper
Jack & Jill - Female Dog Diaper

Jack & Jill - Female Dog Diaper

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Our washable female Dog Diapers are used for female dogs in heat, and also work great for dogs with incontinence and for training new puppies.

Our doggie diapers are made of a Diaper Laminate 100% Polyester waterproof fabric, which when used in conjunction with a disposable Maxi pad or Poise pad will give more protection from leakage.

These Doggie Diapers are designed for fit and comfort and are available in a variety of sizes to fit any breed.

Our Doggie Diapers are stabilized with an elastic band, which affix around the rear legs and a Velcro strap is used to secure it to the dog''s waist.

These truly amazing Doggie Diapers are an excellent device for little puppies which have not been house trained or for older dogs who suffer from incontinence.


Female Diaper Sizing Chart

Diaper Size

Dog Weight

Waist measurement
3X-Small 4 – 6lbs    13" around waist
2X-Small 6 – 12lbs 15" around waist
1X-Small 12 – 30lbs 17" around waist
Small 30 – 55lbs 21" around waist
Medium 55 – 75lbs 24" around waist
Large 75 – 95lbs 26" around waist
X-Large 95 – 120lbs 28" around waist
XX-Large 120-160lbs 34" around waist


Jack & Jill Diaper Service was founded in 2003, in Belleville Ontario, as a delivery service for baby, youth and adult disposable diapers. In 2005 we introduced cloth baby diapers at a trade show. A woman who ran a whippet dog rescue center admired the quality and design and asked if I could make female doggie diapers and male belly bands.    And so started this wild and wonderful journey - diapers for pets!  I love kids and animals and the idea just grew into today's selection of dog diapers and belly bands.



It was a challenge moving from babies to dogs but one that was well worth it. Jack & Jill  Dog Diapers evolved to meet a growing need.  The same quality and careful design provided for babies was carefully redesigned for dogs with varying needs.  This was our challenge and this is what brought us to Jack & Jill Dog Diapers.  We are a home based business focused on excellent quality and design. The diapers and bands are all hand sewn with a sense of pride in every stitch!

 We are very pleased that our product is sold to pet owners around the world.