Fish Lake Road - Arctic Charr and Beef Complete Raw Meal

Fish Lake Road - Arctic Charr and Beef Complete Raw Meal

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8lb - 16x8oz patties 

Complete Raw Meal

At Fish Lake Road, we strive to create the proper balance of products in our Complete Raw Meal formulas you can feel confident that your pet has the full nutritional benefit it requires. We do not add sugars or gluten-based starches to our food. That way, your pet gets all the positive digestive enzymes working to ensure proper conversion of the food into energy.

Arctic Charr and Beef Complete Raw Meal

All the benefits of the Arctic Charr meal, with the iron and protein boost of Beef. This complete meal contains beef muscle and heart components, for a vitamin and mineral rich offering. Rounded out with a blend of Kale, Cucumber, Lettuce, Celery, Cauliflower, Yam, Carrot, Kelp, and Apples, the Arctic Charr and Beef Complete Raw Meal gives your pet the muscle fuel they need for an active life.

Guaranteed Analysis (per 100g)

  • Crude Protein (min)14.9%
  • Crude Fat (min)14.9%
  • Crude Fiber (max)0.68%
  • Moisture (max)67%
  • Ash1.8%
  • Carbohydrates1.4%
  • Phosphorus0.31%
  • Calcium0.35%
  • Gross Energy (kcal/100g)199

    Our Ingredients

    A note about allergies.  Allergies are overreactions by immune systems.   Studies have shown that the two most common food allergens in dogs are grain and chicken.  Therefore, Fish Lake Road has designed all Complete Raw Meals so that they do not contain any grain, chicken, or chicken by-product.  While they might be very cost-effective ingredients, healthy feeding and immune response is more important to us.

    So where do we begin?

    At Fish Lake Road, we start with Arctic Charr instead of chicken and then add other proteins to build a combination of health benefits and flavours for your pet.  All without a single grain in sight.  A lot of animal allergies are based on a build up of unneeded ingredients your pet’s system and can encourage the wrong enzymes to be in your pet’s digestive tract.  This buildup can cause poor stomach health.  We recommend finding a variety of flavour combinations to get maximum nutritional benefit from a Complete Raw Meal Program featuring all the necessary vitamins and minerals your pet needs.

    All Complete Raw Meal products contain:

    Muscle Meat

    Vegetables & Fruit




    Our Proteins

    FLR Icon Meal

    Arctic Charr is the worlds most northern freshwater fish and is a member of the salmon family. Being a cold water fish, it has more fish oil than other species, meaning it is very high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids are valuable in reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems and can play a protective role in cancer and other conditions in your pet. These same fatty acids increase immune function, improve your pet’s skin and coat, as well as offer better digestion.

    FLR Icon Beef

    Beef is a great lean protein. The high protein content in beef helps to maintain your pet’s muscles and the fat in beef contributes to essential vitamins and minerals to keep your pets coat and skin healthy. Beef is a good source of Zinc, Iron, Selenium and Vitamins B12, B3 and B6.


    Our Veggies and Fruit

    Fish Lake Road Complete Raw Meals contain a combination of Kale, Cucumber, Lettuce, Celery, Cauliflower, Yam, Carrot, Kelp, and Apples. These vegetable combinations are formulated to mix with the appropriate proteins to ensure that your pet’s diet is well rounded to contain all the vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy and happy.

    Our produce is effectively sourced to maintain Food Grade standards, so that your pets enjoy the same quality products that you do.